Vintage Photos of Life in America during the 1900s

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Ice-Cold Whisky Dispenser - 1950s

As crazy as it sounds, this incredible device could actually be found in offices. Shows like Mad Men have reminded us that drinking at work used to be a lot more normal than it is today.

A Full-Faced Swimming Mask - 1920s

Somehow, this is NOT a picture from a classic horror movie, but that doesn't mean it won't give you nightmares. This unfortunately terrifying face mask was made with the best intentions, to protect your skin while swimming, but at what cost?

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At the time, pale skin was in vogue, so fashion-conscious individuals would temporarily sacrifice their appearance in order to maintain a lighter tone. This was long before tanning was popular.

Also known as a facekini, this full-face mask could also potentially help swimming reduce drag. Today, people just wear a swim cap, largely because of hard it must've been to breathe in the face mask. And just imagine someone strolling into the public pool wearing one...