The Untold Story Of Chris Kyle, The American Sniper

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Despite having an impressive kill count, Kyle saw his mission as something far more noble - to defend the lives of innocent civilians and his fellow soldiers. In an episode in November of 2004, some Marines were ambushed by a group of enemy fighters during an overwatch mission where Kyle and another SEAL was providing rooftop coverage. While the Marines barricaded themselves in a building across the street, Kyle saw  two of the Marines had been shot and laid open on the open road. Kyle recalled feeling he had special obligation and darted out into open fire to pull them out of harm's way.

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A few days later, another similar situation followed as a group of Marines were trapped in a house, surrounded by enemy fire. Seeing those guys get shot up, Kyle resolved that he would rather die helping them than to "have a coward's conscience" for the rest of his life. Kyle charged straight in front of the enemy compound to deter the open fire away from the Marines and towards himself. His plan was to keep the heat off of the Marines long enough so that they could escape. When Kyle neared safety, he noticed an injured Marine had lagged behind. Keeping true to his mission, Kyle picked him up and ran him out of harm's way.