Here Are The Shows on The History Channel That People Are Talking About

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The History Channel routinely catches flack from its traditional viewers who don't appreciate the ample reality show programming. Surprisingly, there's still some pretty great programming on the channel. Here are some examples.


Who doesn't love a good show about vikings? They were one of the more fascinating groups of people in all of human history, and many of us have viking blood flowing through our veins. The story centers around a young farmer who is frustrated by the policies of his local chieftain who sends his Viking raiders east to the Baltic region. The program is well-shot, the characters are very believable, and the story is captivating in all its viking glory.


For those who were fascinated by Saving Private Ryan, and who isn't, this is another spectacularly choreographed look at the Second World War. The story is centered around Jimmie Kanaya, the son of Japanese immigrants. He was the first soldier of Japanese descent to become an officer in the U.S. Army. Broadcast during November 2009, the series used rare, in many cases never before seen footage from the frontlines. The show is frequently re-aired and has been available on Netflix.

Modern Marvels

One of the oldest History Channel programs has produced over 650 one-hour episodes to this day, covering topics like science, technology, agriculture, mass production, engineering, and architecture. The show does a fantastic job of delving into the history of each topic especially as it's related to their "modern" application.

Swamp People

If this is one of the reality shows that scares you away from History Channel, I encourage you to give it a chance. Alligator season in Louisiana means life is busy each year in September. During a 30-day window, hunters in the region scramble to cull as many alligators as they can and earn a pretty significant profit from it. Each season concentrates on a specific team of alligator hunters as they attempt to tame the beasts.

Ancient Aliens

Aliens! Who doesn't love 'em?! And also, who doesn't love this guy? This is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the guy who gained immense popularity online for his electrocuted hair-look. He is the meme God. Bless this man.

So as you can see, History Channel has some fun choices for you to enjoy. And for those who'd rather watch Hitler content all day, you'll have to go on YouTube.