12 Years Ago Today, Honda Announced The New Civic

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In September 2017, I will have paid off my Honda Civic. It's a car that has gotten me all over the place in the past five years, while being reliable and affordable. This great A to B commuter's car was first launched in the early 1970's but it was released in its more updated form on this day in 2005, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Civic has continually been the top selling car in its class. It originally went on sale in Japan in the summer of 1973, and the following year was launched with a fuel-efficient Controlled Cortex Combustion Chamber engine. Beginning in the 1975 model year, Civics became available in the U.S.

The car burned a leaner mix of gasoline and passed emissions tests without using a catalytic converter. Back in the 70's, cars released tons and tons of smog causing the air around big cities to resemble a fireplace.

A few years later, Honda released the Accord, another fuel efficient car that came out during a time when American gas prices were sky high thanks to the 1973 Arab oil embargo. Drivers sought Hondas as a refuge from the fuel inefficient nature of Detroit-built products.

Honda would eventually open a plant in Ohio and begin making their product even better. The 2005 release would be the car's eighth generation, which Honda divided into two different platforms, one for sedan and one for coupe.

As the car entered the 2010's, the look began to morph into a more sleek, aerodynamic styling. These were initially shown off at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.

In its ninth generation, the Civic became the first gasoline-only powered Honda to utilize Eco Assist technology in North America. It's been proven to improve fuel economy by 10% as it trains drivers to adopt a more fuel-efficient style.

Then in its tenth generation, the vehicle featured yet another new design, this time to its exterior. The front of the modern Civic has a "chrome wing" design encompassing the top of the headlamps.

As of 2015, nearly 19 million Civic had been sold worldwide, and about 7.3 million in the United States. The Civic has been a top seller in the U.S. and Canada for 14 years through 2012.

The 2017 edition is par for the course. Nothing particularly inventive from previous versions, but for Civic lovers that's fine. We like our cars efficient, minimalist, and comfortable. The Honda Civic has historically delivered on all three fronts. For a new car price of $18,740, it's a great way to go.