Truth & Lies Behind Donald and Melania's Marriage

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Since Donald Trump started running for president, things have been pretty weird for everyone. While many people can't believe how truly unusual life has become, one of the most surprised has to be his wife, Melania. Only a few could possibly share the spotlight with the boisterous and chaotic current commander in chief, so it makes sense that little is known about the first lady.

No first lady has ever gotten more attention than the president, so what's happening now certainly falls in line with the way things have always been. But it feels a bit different, and possibly more sinister, than it did in the past. Is there something more to how hidden Melania often seems? Is she staying in the shadows on purpose, or is she being kept there?

A lot has been uncovered about Melania and her relationship with Trump. From her interesting past to their first meeting and beyond, this article will lay everything out from then to now. Unfortunately, all of this information only makes things weirder, but it's important to know what's really going on behind the closed doors of the most important office in the world.

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