These Countries Have The Highest Number of Nuclear Weapons

For those people who lived during the Cold War, the conversation about nuclear weapons is nothing new. Although it petered out for awhile post-USSR, it appears to be making a comeback in 2017. So which nations have nuclear capabilities today? It’s a complicated answer with a lot of unknown variables. Here’s what we know, it’s more than a few countries.


nuclear missile countries

Number of Missiles: 100

India hasn’t been vocal about their nuclear capabilities, but the country definitely has a healthy arsenal. Since the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the 1960’s, India has made gradual strides towards nuclear capabilities. Their program was initiated in 1967 and its first test occurred in 1974, a surprise to the rest of the world. A second test would occur 24 years later. Although India isn’t considered a nuclear threat in 2017, they are constantly on guard because of tensions with neighbor Pakistan.


Number of Missiles: 120

Right across the border lies Pakistan and a nuclear program that was led by Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1972, in response to India’s nuclear strides. A rivalry would ensue and after India’s second test in 1998, Pakistan would detonate five nuclear devices at Ras Koh Hills in the Sulaiman Mountain Range.


Number of Missiles: 80

Israel is like the odd kid in class that nobody in the vicinity wants to talk to. It’s neighbors are not fans of the tiny country, nor do they care much for the religion of its inhabitants. For the sake of self-preservation, Israel boasts a strong military defense highlighted by upwards of 80 nuclear missiles, including some immensely powerful Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.


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