The House Where Winnie-the-Pooh Was Written Is Up For Sale

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Growing up, our television at home was permanently stuck on the Disney Channel each morning to watch the cartoon series, "The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh." It was my favorite program, along with Batman. I also loved the original book, written by A.A. Milne in a quaint, English home back in the mid-1920's. Today, that home is officially on the market, carrying quite a bit of history along with it.

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Cotchford Farm was not only home to Alan Alexander Milne and his family, it was later owned by Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. Jones drowned in the backyard swimming pool in 1969, shortly after leaving the band.

In addition to penning Winnie-the-Pooh, The House on Pooh Corner, and many other classic pieces of literature, Milne published several plays and also fought in both World Wars. In World War II, Milne served as a captain of the British Home Guard.

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Milne's literary style changed significantly after the birth of his son, Christopher Robin Milne. Up until that point, he had produced mystery novels, essays, and edited content for writers at Punch magazine in the UK. He suddenly switched gears, producing children's books and poems. Then, using his son's Pooh Bear and other stuffed animals for inspiration, he wrote his most famous work.


Savills, the real estate company selling the property, claims the home has six bedrooms and four reception rooms. There's also an apple orchard, a summer house, a swimming pool, and of course... a statue of Christopher Robin. Despite being built way back in the mid-16th century, the structure appears to be in pretty good shape today.


It is also within close proximity to the famous "Hundred Acre Wood," used in the Pooh stories. In real life, the fantasy forest is based on Ashdown Forest which was once a medieval deer hunting ground but is now protected land. Tourists can now go on self-guided "Pooh Walks" all the way to the "Pooh Sticks Bridge" where Winnie and Piglet threw sticks into the water. In real life, this was the place where Christopher and his nanny played the same game.

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So what's the asking price for all this? $2.38 million. The property is nearly 4,000 square feet and sits on 9.5 acres. The kitchen has been recently updated and the dining room is paneled in oak. The bedrooms and drawing room feature old fashioned exposed wood beams, while the latter includes an inglenook fireplace with a brick hearth and wood-burning stove. Unfortunately, the property does not include Tigger. We checked.

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